Acton CE Primary Academy

About This School

Acton see art as high importance across the school. All children are given a wealth of art skills and techniques throughout their learning journey. We are very proud of the skills and talents that the children show, and this can be seen through the amazing displays we have on offer. Children are not afraid of showing their skills in a variety of ways and very much give it a go! Art is weaved into our real life learning curriculum and supports other subjects. All topics have a purpose and allow children to progress their skills successfully. Children study a wide range of artists and craftspeople in order to bring their art work to life.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 28th March-28th April 2020. The winners can be now be seen below!

Due to the current coronavirus situation, details of the exhibition for the first-placed entry from each school will be announced as soon as possible.

Snowy forest

Georgie Foxall

32 x 42cm, acrylic paint & mixed media

Choppy Sea

Sophie Stockton

40 x 30cm, acrylic paint & mixed media


Dylan Williams

28 x 38cm, pen, ink

Adorable cat

Nicole Booth

38 x 40cm, pen, ink

Cat city

Daniel Pepler

37 x 32cm, pen, ink

Clown cat

Jack Brown

35 x 30cm, pen, ink

Cold winter night

Marseilla Johnson

40 x 29cm, acrylic paint & mixed media

Colourful cat

Orla Richmond Crow

35 x 44cm, oil pastel, pen, ink

Colourful dog

Alfie Sutton

38 x 30cm, oil pastel, pen, ink

Dream dog

Jack Whittaker

38 x 44cm, pen, ink

Galaxy sky

Dylan Williams

38 x 30cm, acrylic paint & mixed media

Garden Rabbit

Sadie Rogerson

40 x 29cm, pen, ink

Hello Scottie

Georgina Vaughan

40 x 35cm, oil pastel, pen, ink

Kind kitten

Noah Mallinson

30 x 40cm, pen, ink, pastel

Magical sea

Hana-mai Mcguiness

28 x 39cm, acrylic paint & mixed media

Midnight stroll

Emina Newton

40 x 28cm, pen, ink

Nosy cat

Olivia Booth

37 x 28cm, pen, ink

Patchwork cat

Georgie Foxall

40 x 35cm, pen, ink

Rainbow dog

Sophie Stockton

30 x 37cm, pen, ink

Silent rabbit

Oliver Hastie

28 x 35cm, pen, ink

Snow blizzard

Martha Riddlesdin

39 x 30cm, acrylic paint & mixed media

Star burst

Dante Hopwood

39 x 28cm, acrylic paint & mixed media

Sunset meadow

Orla Richmond Crow

28 x 37cm, acrylic paint & mixed media

The Woodland

Harry Thys Holland

43 x 34cm, acrylic paint & mixed media

Wooded meadow

Emina Newton

42 x 35cm, acrylic paint & mixed media

World outside

Sam Matthews

34 x 42cm, acrylic paint & mixed media