Astmoor Primary School

About This School

At Astmoor Primary School we pride ourselves on being a very caring and nurturing community. We promote kindness and compassion through everything we do. We believe that this makes us a strong community where children can be secure in their learning and go on to become good, strong citizens. The specific aims of our school are: To prepare the children of the school for life, encouraging and developing a flexibility and adaptability of thought. To give every child the opportunity to be successful at something worthwhile and be valued for this. To fully develop the potential of each individual within the school by creating the conditions in which effective learning can take place. To work together as a staff to provide an atmosphere of love and warmth where there is no fear. To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to age and ability. The Year 5 were exploring landscape art and were inspired by the artist Rozanne Bell to produce their own landscapes. The children focused on mixing and blending primary, secondary and tertiary colours to create similar backgrounds that feature in a lot of Rozanne's landscapes. We found using and mixing water colours was most effective medium to achieve this. After this, the children looked at perspective in order to try and replicate the flower imagery that appears close up to the viewer with the background in the distance.

dot-art Schools Champion

This school has been generously supported by Medicash through our dot-art Schools Champions programme.


School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 28th March-28th April 2020. The winners can be now be seen below!

Due to the current coronavirus situation, details of the exhibition for the first-placed entry from each school will be announced as soon as possible.


Casey-jo Urmson

42 x 30cm, water colour

Seaview 5

Aidan Young

42 x 30cm, water colour


Maisy Naylor

42 x 30cm, water colour

Seaview 1

Holly Flaherty

42 x 30cm, water colour

Seaview 4

Liam Powney

42 x 30cm, water colour

Seaview 6

Lilly-mae Doyle

42 x 30cm, water colour

Seaview 7

Jayden Hammond

42 x 30cm, water colour

Seaview 8

Harrison Doyle

42 x 30cm, water colour