Fazakerley High School

About This School

Fazakerley High School is a specialist school for Engineering and Arts. The Art Department is managed by Mrs Almond and Mrs Sinnott who strongly believe that every child should have the opportunity to be creative, fulfilling the school ethos of High aspirations and personal responsibility. Year 9 students have been studying the theme of Identity through culture. Pupils learn about the works of artists from a variety of cultures and by increasing their own level of creativity and imagination they develop a sense of reflection and achievement.


School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 28th March-28th April 2020. The winners can be now be seen below!

Due to the current coronavirus situation, details of the exhibition for the first-placed entry from each school will be announced as soon as possible.


Elyssa Kyle

30 x 42cm, Collage, paint, felt tip pen


Isobel Smith

30 x 42cm, paint


Megan Lee

30 x 30cm, paint

Pink Rose

Lara Biggar

30 x 42cm, paint

Eco Warrior

Mathew Harding

30 x 42cm, Paint, felt-tip pen, colour pencil, oil pastel


Jessica Roberts

30 x 42cm, Paint, Pencil

Stranger Things

Isabella Allward

30 x42cm, Colour Pencil , Felt tip pens


Bethany Woodward

30 x 42cm, paint


Ryan Gordon

30 x42cm, Colour Pencil


Diana Rajaseelen

30 x 42cm, mixed media , paint, felt tip pen, collage

Time is running out

Abigail Kenny

30 x 42cm, Collage , paint , ball-point pen

Levels are rising

Chloe Sanders

30 x 42cm, mixed media, paint, felt tip pen, collage

Central Library

Emma Navin

30 x 42cm, mixed media, paint ,oil pastel, pen

Clowning around

Daniel Jones

30 x 42cm, water colour pencils


Maddie Redmond

30 x 42cm, Paint, Oil Pastel


Charlie Singh

30 x 42cm, paint

Call from an angel

Darcie Armstrong

30 x 42cm, paint


Lucy Higham

40 x 50cm, acrylic paint

Storm Ciara

Drew Dysen

35 x 30cm, Paint

The Smog

Livia Daniels

30 x 35cm, paint, oil pastel


Hallie Howard-Wilson

30 x 36cm, paint, oil pastel


Callie Langhorn

30 x 42cm, paint


Nathan Sands

21 x 30cm, paint, oil pastel


Amy Martlew

17 x 28cm, Fabric, Felt

Good Morning

Kamil Luczak

30 x 30cm, colour pencil, felt tip pen