Holy Family Catholic High School

About This School

We at Holy Family Catholic High School encourage the students to 'Be the best you can be'. The fundamental aim of the Art department, is to promote the creative development of all students in order that they achieve their full potential. We are committed to offer the students the opportunity and experiences which are challenging, interesting and motivating. They are able to use their own interests, knowledge and experiences as a basis for development. We celebrate their achievements through exhibitions and competitions. The work produced for this exhibition has been a personal and imaginative response from each student.


School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 28th March-28th April 2020. The winners can be now be seen below!

Due to the current coronavirus situation, details of the exhibition for the first-placed entry from each school will be announced as soon as possible.


Alfie Lowe

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media

Fly Away

Isabel Camello

42 x 60cm, Pencil, watercolour


Tyra Pennington

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media

A Day In The Life

Neeve Jones

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media


Layla Foster

30 x 42cm, watercolour

Birth of Liverpool

Evie Brady

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media


Poppy Redmond

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media

Blossom Field

Italia Clark

23 x 30cm, acrylic


Grace Swain

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media

China Town

Callum Sinton

30 x 40cm, Watercolour, pastel

City Life

Georgie Devitt

42 x 60cm, acrylic

Day Of The Dead

Alexander Steele

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media

Dream Life

Alexia Chart

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media

Dripping With Colour

Alex McKenna

42 x 60cm, Watercolour, pencil


James Sheppard

42 x 60cm, acrylic

John Lennon

Scarlet Riley

42 x 60cm, Pencil, pen

Life & Death

Mary Stewart

50 x 40cm, acrylic


Olivia Connolly

30 x 42cm, Pen, watercolour

Seaside View

Millie Clynch

42 x 60cm, acrylic

Skull & Rose

Claire Horton

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media


Poppy Richardson

42 x 60cm, Watercolour

The Holy Crow

Rocky Robinson

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media

What's real & what's not

Emma Dolman

42 x 60cm, Mixed Media

Yung Blud

Faith Morley

35 x 40cm, Pen, pencil