Peterhouse School

About This School

As a specialist school for pupils with Autism we use The Arts as a motivator to enable our pupils to increase their confidence and strive for independence as well as being a tool to aid in the development of communication and self-expression. We have high expectations and focus on a 'can do' approach which highlights what pupils can do rather than what they find difficult. Not only do we celebrate the finished product but more importantly the process and learning which has been involved in reaching the end result which will hopefully develop self-occupancy skills and interests for adult life. Apart for the visual aspects of our Art sessions pupils are encouraged to explore the sensory aspect by using lots of different methods and materials such as glue, nail varnish, flour, cling film to name a few.

School Competition Entries

Our panel of art experts have selected their top three artworks from each school and public voting was open from 28th March-28th April 2020. The winners can be now be seen below!

Due to the current coronavirus situation, details of the exhibition for the first-placed entry from each school will be announced as soon as possible.


Nathan Bland

46 x 46cm, Paint, flour

Through the microscope

Harry Rimmer

47 x 37cm, Nail varnish, marbling inks on water

Style of Jackson Pollock

James McQueen

37 x 37cm, Paint on a tile


Mwansa Kalawo

38 x 32cm, Paint with cling film

Bottle top

Layton Hannah

37 x 26cm, Paint printed with bottle top

Lunar landscape

Darragh Hay

67 x 51cm, Flour, paint, glue, ink

Poppy fields

Joe Ferguson

46 x 34cm, Paint, flour

Winter wood

Ryan Martindale

34 x 30cm, Marbling ink, Indian ink