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Darragh Hay

38 x25cm, Mixed media, cm, cm

Boat in the style of Van Gogh

Nathan Bland

14 x 10cm, Paper, pencil, cm, cm

In the style of Hundertwasser

Oliver Hart

18 x 24cm, Paper and fine pen, cm, cm

Exploring Identity through Cubism

Harry Rimmer

28 x 19cm, Felt tip pens, cm, cm

Fragments of a Titan

Jack Brown

15 x 10cm, Photography, cm, cm


Jordan Stafford

42 x 30cm, Paper and fine marker, cm, cm

Comic Characters

Theo Booth

42 x 30cm, Paper and fine marker, cm, cm

Cartoon Character

Sam McCarney

10 x 10cm, Paper and fine marker, cm, cm

John, Jeff and Bute

Bradley McAllister

19 x 15cm, Paper and fine marker, cm, cm

Monny the Dog

Joe Ferguson

16 x 11cm, Paper, pencil, cm, cm

Exploring expressionism

James McQueen

32 x 18cm, Paint, cm, cm


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