Rainhill High School

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Hear, See, Speak no Evil

Grace Johnson

20 x 20cm, Digital Manipulation, cm, cm

Stevie G

Luke Bowden

30 x 23cm, Digital illustration, cm, cm

Sticks and Stones

Ruby Anderson

21 x 29cm, Photograph, cm, cm

Milk and Ink 1

Sophia Tyrer Williams

21 x 29cm, Milk and ink, cm, cm


Annabelle Draycott

20 x 15cm, Photograph, cm, cm


Chloe Brittel

25 x 20cm, Photograph, cm, cm

Jamila Jamil

Emilia Ramsden

15 x 15cm, Digital Drawing, cm, cm

All the angles of nature

Lewis Stewart

29 x 21cm, Digital Manipulation, cm, cm

Milk and Ink

Lydia Henshaw

21 x 29cm Milk and ink, cm, cm


Nathan Whealans

21 x 28cm, Digital Manipulation, cm, cm

Double Exposure

Rhys Cain

30 x 30cm, Photograph, cm, cm


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