The Academy of Saint Nicholas

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Untitled 13

Amiee Condon

30 x 21cm, Fine liner, watercolour, cm, cm

Untitled 10

Lauren Marshall

21 x 30cm, Pencil, cm, cm

Untitled 12

Lee Martin

30 x 21cm, Paint pen, cm, cm

Untitled 1

Liam Cassidy

15 x 21cm, Fineliner, cm, cm

Untitled 2

Holly McIntosh

30 x 42cm, Paint pen, cm, cm

Untitled 3

Shakiel Denton

30 x 42cm, Paint pen, cm, cm

Untitled 4

Amy-Leigh Connolly-Sou

15 x 21cm, Fineliner, cm, cm

Untitled 5

Rhys Westwood-Williams

15 x 21cm, Fineliner, pencil, cm, cm

Untitled 6

Kamile Nekrasovaite

21 x 30cm, Pencil, colour pencils, cm, cm

Untitled 7

Ellie-Mae Murphy

21 x 30cm, Colour pencils, cm, cm

Untitled 8

Benjamin Guy-Wilkinson

30 x 42cm, Pencil, cm, cm

Untitled 9

Lauren Anson

15 x 21cm, Pencil, cm, cm

Untitled 11

Kieran Ritchie

21 x 30cm, Oil paint, cm, cm


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