Acton CE Primary Academy

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Snowy forest

Georgie Foxall

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Choppy Sea

Sophie Stockton

Medium, 30cm, 50cm


Dylan Williams

pen, ink, 28cm, 38cm

Dream dog

Jack Whittaker

pen, ink, 38cm, 44cm

Galaxy sky

Dylan Williams

acrylic paint & mixed media, 38cm, 30cm

Garden Rabbit

Sadie Rogerson

pen, ink, 40cm, 29cm

Hello Scottie

Georgina Vaughan

 oil pastel, pen, ink, 40cm, 35cm

Kind kitten

Noah Mallinson

pen, ink, pastel, 30cm, 40cm

Magical sea

Hana-mai Mcguiness

acrylic paint & mixed media, 28cm, 39cm

Midnight stroll

Emina Newton

pen, ink, 40cm, 28cm

Nosy cat

Olivia Booth

pen, ink, 37cm, 28cm

Nosy cat

Georgie Foxall

pen, ink, 40cm, 35cm

Rainbow dog

Sophie Stockton

pen, ink, 30cm, 37cm

Silent rabbit

Oliver Hastie

pen, ink, 28cm, 35cm

Snow blizzard

Martha Riddlesdin

acrylic paint & mixed media, 39cm, 30cm

Star burst

Dante Hopwood

acrylic paint & mixed media, 39cm, 28cm

Sunset meadow

Orla Richmond Crow

acrylic paint & mixed media, 28cm, 37cm

The Woodland

Harry Thys Holland

acrylic paint & mixed media, 43cm, 34cm

Wooded meadow

Emina Newton

acrylic paint & mixed media, 42cm, 35cm

World outside

Sam Matthews

acrylic paint & mixed media, 34cm, 42cm

Adorable cat

Nicole Booth

pen, ink, 38cm, 40cm

Cat city

Daniel Pepler

pen, ink, 37cm, 32cm

Clown cat

Jack Brown

pen, ink, 35cm, 30cm

Cold winter night

Marseilla Johnson

acrylic paint & mixed media, 40cm, 29cm

Colourful cat

Orla Richmond Crow

oil pastel, pen, ink, 35cm, 44cm

Colourful dog

Alfie Sutton

oil pastel, pen, ink, 38cm, 30cm


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