Beamont Collegiate Academy

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Megan Thomason

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Close up 3

Klaudia Majka

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Fragments 2

Ben Murphy

Mixed media, 43cm, 26cm


Thomas Roberts

Mixed media, 36cm, 23cm


Libby Clarke

Mixed media, 33cm, 24cm

Fragments 1

Katie Moore

Mixed media textiles, 51cm, 23cm

Building layers

Chazelle Osman

Mixed media textiles, 48cm, 43cm

Extreme close up

Scott Riley

Acrylic paint, 39cm, 43cm

Abstract building

Simon Elias

Acrylic paint, 60cm, 41cm

Architectural beauty

Jess Dean

Ink, 43cm, 66cm

Aspects of buildings

Dylan Braddish

Acrylic paint, 41cm, 30cm

Building adornments

Nicholas Miko

Acrylic paint, 55cm, 40cm

Fading into the past

Nicola Mondry

Mixed media, 33cm, 34cm

Close up 2

Madison Davies-Kokat

Mixed media, 30cm, 42cm

Italy 2

Holly Higham

Mixed media, 30cm, 42cm

Italy 1

Ellie-Louise Blackburn

Mixed media, 29cm, 42cm

The town clock

Dylan Stewart

Acrylic paint, 41cm, 30cm

Up close

Jake Cooke

Acrylic paint, 61cm, 52cm


Michaela Heath

Prints, 46cm, 49cm

Close up 1

Elise Burgess

Ink, 33cm, 28cm


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