Beamont Collegiate Academy

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Building study 1

Ruby Hatton

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Cherry Blossom

Viktoria Szakolczai

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Blue moon

Courtney Ridpath

acrylic paint, 31cm, 45cm


Abigale Brunt

mixed media, 40cm, 30cm


Chloe Feehan

pencil, 42cm, 30cm

Taj Mahal

Joshua Rowley

mixed media, 40cm, 30cm

Building studies

Harry Poole

acrylic paint, mixed media, 40cm, 30cm


Alicia White

acrylic paint, mixed media, 40cm, 32cm

Aspects of buildings

Lila O'Toole

inks, mixed media, 44cm, 32cm

Building adornments

Imogen Lowe

acrylic paint, mixed media, 44cm, 32cm


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