Bellerive FCJ Catholic College

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school in March.
Then you can Vote online for your favourite shortlisted piece in April. The shortlisted entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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Kids United

Paula Malinowska

51cm x 76cm, Oil paints, arcylic, markers, watercolours, gems, buttons, pearls & artificial flowers., cm x cm


Imara Rogers

21cm x 29cm, Pencil, cm x cm


Emily Morris

29cm x 42cm, Watercolours, tissue paper, felt, glitter, string and tin foil, cm x cm

Boys meets evil

Chante Needham

29cm x 42cm, Acyrlic paint, white gel pen, watercolours, pencil and biro, cm x cm

Marilyn Monroe

Portia Kinsella

29cm x 42cm, Powder paint, oil pastels, watercolours and pencil, cm x cm

A dream worth dying for

Katlyn Allward and Syasya Zulkarnain

42cm x 60cm, Acrylic and watercolour paints, pencil and felts, cm x cm

Act 3 Scene 1

Jessica Kofoed

42cm x 60cm, Watercolours, pencil and powder paint, cm x cm

Sunset city dream

Neive Grier

29cm x 42cm, Pencils, watercolours, cm x cm


Mia Parker

29cm x 42cm, Markers, fineliners, watercolours, colouring pencils and biro, cm x cm


Sophie Butler

29cm x 42cm, Oil pastels, bubble wrap, watercolours, colour pencils, cm x cm

Best friends

Kira Wakelin and Emma Saunders

29cm x 42cm, Watercolours and poster paint, cm x cm


Anna Burnett

29cm x 42cm, Cardboard, bubble wrap, tissue paper, string and cling film, cm x cm


Rosa Kinsella

29cm x 42cm, Poster paint, bubble wrap, watercolours and tissue paper, cm x cm

I’ll give you my heart

Autumn Taylor-Ward

29cm x 42cm, Acrylic, watercolours, pencils, pen and oil pastels, cm x cm

The Season of Persephone

Holly Whitfield

42cm x 59cm, Pencil and colour pencil, cm x cm

Tupac Shakur

Marissa Thomas

21cm x 29cm, Pencil, cm x cm


Ellie-Jay Garrett

21cm x 29cm, Pencil, cm x cm

Jaeden Lieberher

Grace Cammell

21cm x 29cm, Pencil, cm x cm

My riding story

Phoebe Smith

40cm x 50cm, Photographs, rosettes, felts and watercolours on canvas, cm x cm

Coming home

Paige Davis

20cm x 20cm, Pencil and paint on canvas, cm x cm

Eye of a doll

Mia Bragger

21cm x 29cm, Inks, brush pens and gel pens, cm x cm

Dancing in the rain

Niamh Grant

25cm x 30cm, Acrylic paint and crayons on canvas, cm x cm

Rasta Dreams

Eve De Silva

29cm x 42cm, Acrylic paint and pencil, cm x cm


Amber Owens

29cm x 42cm, Acrylic, watercolours, pencils, pen and oil pastels, cm x cm


Shahd Elhag

42cm x 60cm, Pencil, cm x cm


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