Bellerive FCJ Catholic College

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school in March.
Then you can Vote online for your favourite shortlisted piece in April. The shortlisted entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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Calderstones Park

Natalie Caldwell

Prisma Colour and Watercolour paints, 28cm x 42cm

145 Vote

The Palm House

Shenice Downer

Mixed Media, 42cm x 30cm

30 Vote

Metropolitan Cathedral 2

Esme Tattersall

Collage and Pen, 21cm x 28cm

111 Vote

Metropolitan Cathedral 1

Paige Hunter

Brusho Inks and Biro pen, 30cm x 21cm

Clock Tower

Charlotte Yates

Brusho Ink and Biro Pen, 30cm x 21cm

Liver Buildings 2

Maya Haddassi

Brusho Ink and Biro, 30cm x 21cm

In My Liverpool Home

Jessica O'Brien

Mixed Media, 30cm x 42cm

Jellyfish 1

Emma Williams

Poster Paint, Oil Pastels and Chalk, 42cm x 30cm

Jellyfish 2

Isabella Murphy

Poster Paint and Oil Pastel, 42cm x 30cm

Jellyfish 3

Evie O'Neill

Oil Pastel, Poster Paint and Coloured pencils, 42cm x 30cm

Liver Building 3

Elizabeth Chiu

Watercolour and Pen, 28cm x 21cm

Music To Your Ears

Jhowlyn G'Ed-Skanfod

Coloured Pencils, 28cm x 21cm

Cunard Building

Nadia Filipiak

watercolour and Pen, 28cm x 21cm

Sefton Park Building

Amber Williams

Black Pen, 21cm x 28cm

Jellyfish 4

Maisey Edwards

Poster Paint , Oil pastels and Coloured pencils, 42cm x 30cm

Liverpool Museum

Philippa Dineen

watecolour and Fineliner, 28cm x 21cm

Jellyfish 5

Evie Barnett

Poster Paint, coloured pencil and Oil Pastel, 42cm x 30cm


Kristen Holmes

Mixed Media, 30cm x 42cm

Yellow Submarine

Naiara Maiztegui-Ruiz

Pen and Ink, 30cm x 42cm

Liver Buildings 4

Lola Murray

Brusho Ink and Pen, 28cm x 21cm

Jumping Over Liverpool

Skye Atherton

Watercolour and colour pencils, 21cm x 28cm


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