Bellerive FCJ Catholic College

To browse the artworks please click on one of the images to view a larger version, plus the title of the artwork, which student created the artwork and the medium. Once voting is open (in mid April) you can return here to select the piece of art you want to vote for.

Jammy Dodger

Lilia Tobin

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Fabby Fab

Erin Roberts

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Untitled 8

Evie Owens

Coloured pencils, 28cm, 21cm

Untitled 9

Isabell Rainford

Coloured pencils and pencil, 28cm, 21cm

Untitled 7

Eva Tattersall

Coloured pencils, 28cm, 21cm

Untitled 10

Daisy Day

Coloured pencils, 28cm, 21cm

Little Louis

Ava Richardson

Coloured pencils and pen, 21cm, 14cm

Untitled 11

Ava Moran

Coloured pencils, 28cm, 21cm

Untitled 12

Beatrix Cole

Watercolours, Acrylics and pencil, 28cm, 21cm

Fab Ice Lolly

Niamh O'Brien

Coloured pencils, watercolours, and tissue paper, 28cm, 21cm

Untitled 6

Eva Furlong

Pen, coloured pencils and felts, 28cm, 21cm

Untitled 5

Sofia Chicas Ramirez

Pencil, 28cm, 21cm

Untitled 3

Genevieve Flaherty

Coloured pencils, pencil and biro, 28cm, 21cm

Mushroom Magic

Lilly Hamblin

Acrylic Paints, 25cm, 30cm

Untitled 4

Katarina Karisa

Acrylic paints, 30cm, 40cm

Don’t touch the icing

Lucy Burgess

Acrylics, watercolours, coloured pencils and card., 28cm, 21cm

Strawberry ice cream

Sienna Vy

Watercolours, 28cm, 21cm

Untitled 2

Ellie Kinsella

Coloured pencils and black pen, 28cm, 21cm


Holly Jones

Alcohol based markers, 21cm, 17cm

Enchanted Butterflies

Lillie-May Davis

Coloured pencils, sketching pencils, 28cm, 21cm


Lottie Doherty

Black card, promarker pens, crayola markers, 28cm, 21cm

Untitled 1

Eleanor Murphy

Coloured pencils, 25cm, 30cm


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