Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school in March.
Then you can Vote online for your favourite shortlisted piece in April. The shortlisted entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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School Champion

Violin and grapes

Tyler Spendlove

pencil, 30cm x 30cm

Bottle apple mug

James Ward

watercolour, 42cm x 30cm

Collaboration number 1

Michael OBrien and Joseph Ridings

CAD, 30cm x 42cm

Cubist Guitar


pencil, 30cm x 42cm

Cubist still life

Reilly Tawbourini

pencil, 30cm x 42cm

Still life

Tomas Eyres

pencil, 30cm x 42cm

Cubism and still life

Tyler Spandlove

pencil, 30cm x 42cm


Sam Forshaw

pencil, 29cm x 21cm

Collaboration Fireball

Ethan Beesley and Daniel Rowland

CAD, 30cm x 42cm

Night time still life

Dylan Cavanagh

CAD, 30cm x 42cm

Still life in the snow

Joel Bailey

CAD, 30cm x 42cm

Boat and Bottle

Ben Muba

CAD, 30cm x 42cm


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