Delamere CofE Primary Academy

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Tiger 5

Isla Bushell

Medium, 30cm, 50cm


Charlie Barratt

Medium, 30cm, 50cm


Thomas Hill

Oil Pastel, 31cm, 28cm

Monkey 2

Maisey Heath

Watercolours, 41cm, 24cm


Max Dedicoat

Oil Pastel, Colour pencil, 32cm, 38cm

Cheetah 2

Mollie Carroll

Watercolours, 32cm, 35cm

Monkey 3

Neve Beswick

Watercolours, 38cm, 26cm

Monkey 4

Rebekah Pye

Oil Pastel, Watercolour, 42cm, 33cm

American Eagle

Rowan Cartwright

Charcoal, 41cm, 29cm

Penguins 3

Sophia Emmett

Oil Pastel, Watercolour, 41cm, 32cm


Tallulah Bloyce

Watercolours, 41cm, 26cm


Teddy Rothwell

Oil Pastel, 41cm, 28cm

Penguins 1

Abi Hazelhurst

Watercolours, 24cm, 25cm


Amelia Wood

Watercolours, 33cm, 21cm

Tiger 1

Arran Robbins

Oil Pastels, 31cm, 28cm

Tiger 2

Bella Wood

Watercolours, 41cm, 29cm

Tiger 3

Charlie Wall

Oil Pastels, 30cm, 26cm

Penguins 2

Chloe Kaziu

Oil Pastel, Watercolours, 30cm, 42cm

Monkey 1

Ella Ogden

Watercolours, 42cm, 30cm

Tiger 4

Gabriel Green

Oil Pastels, 38cm, 30cm

Koala Bear

Isla Entwistle

 Oil Pastel, Watercolour, 35cm, 42cm

Cheetah 1

Isla Houston

Charcoal, 30cm, 28cm

Red Panda 1

James McCallum

Watercolours, 41cm, 29cm

Red Panda 2

Jose LeBreton

Watercolours, 45cm, 33cm


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