Hawarden Village Church School

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school in March.
Then you can Vote online for your favourite shortlisted piece in April. The shortlisted entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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The Space Explosion

Luke Tyndall and Sam Williams

Paint, Chalk, 23cm x 31cm

Day vs Night

Daisy Lindop and Nieve McCulloch

Paint, 29cm x 40cm


Chloe Birch

Paint, felt tip pens, 30cm x 40cm

Lamborghini of Dreams

Leon Humphreys

Pencil Crayon, 23cm x 30cm

The Sunset

Dylan Astbury

Pastel, black paper, 30cm x 19cm

Milky Way

Poppy Littleton, Sophie Littleton and Hoi Yee Lam

Paint , Chalk , Pastel, Collage, 60cm x 102cm

Where the Wildlife Begins

Ava Forsyth

Paint, 60cm x 102cm

Skylight Mountains

Morgan Thelwell

Felt tip pens, 14cm x 18cm

Over The Cities

Poppy Williams

Paint, Black paper, 23cm x 31cm

Dream Wolf

Seren Woods

Watercolours, 27cm x 33cm

Tree Scene

Georgia Williams

Paint, 18cm x 29cm

Colourful Hands

James Oakley

Paint, felt tip pens, 30cm x 42cm

100% Effort

Luke Williams

Paint, chalk, collage, 30cm x 42cm

Wild Horses

Sarah McKee and Eleanor Grugel

Chalk, pastel, paint, 39cm x 49cm

Freedom With Flight

Ella Morrison

Paint, 40cm x 60cm

Waterfall Under The Rainbow

Owen Ellis and Lee Eastwood

Pen, Pencil Crayon, 30cm x 42cm

The Mountain Milky Way

Leon Humphreys and George Allen

Pencil Crayon, Felt tip pens, 31cm x 42cm

Blossom World

Emilia Richardson

Chalk, Paint, Pencil Crayon, 30cm x 42cm

The Day and Night Tree

Dannielle Price

Paint, 39cm x 30cm

Sun and Moon

Tia Tuft

Paint, 42cm x 30cm

Sea of Blue

Amie Bartley

Paint, Pencil Crayon, 23cm x 30cm

Our Space

Evie Jones

Paint, Pencil Crayon, 23cm x 30cm

The Sunset Mountains

Daisy Clarke

Chalk, Paint, Collage, 23cm x 30cm

Be Creative

Grace Parry

Pastel, Paints and Felt Tip pens, 30cm x 42cm


Sophie Lynn

Pen, Chalk, 23cm x 30cm


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