Hillside Primary School

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school.
The online Vote for your favourite shortlisted piece is open 1st April - 1st May 2022. The entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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School Champion

Earth Warrior

M. McGrath

Pencil, 21cm x 29cm

Help the Polar Bears

F. Sutton

3D Mixed Media, 30cm x 25cm

Leaf 1

O. Saunders

Paint, 29cm x 42cm

Our earth is melting

M. Frowe

Colour Pencil, 30cm x 21cm

Our Earth Is Dying

A. Robinson

Mixed Media, 29cm x 42cm


B. Gamble

Paint, 42cm x 29cm

Save the Polar Ice Caps

T. Heenan

Pen, 29cm x 42cm

Our Earth is Sad

S. McClone-Cain

Pencil, 29cm x 42cm

Our Earth is in Pain

R. Saunders

Pencil, 21cm x 29cm

The Earth is Changing

P. Evans

3D Mixed Media, 30cm x 30cm

The World has Two Sides

E. Keating

3D Mixed Media, 30cm x 45cm

Save The Polar Bears

L. Parnell

Pencil, 29cm x 42cm

The Earth is Melting

E. Lewis

Paint, 29cm x 42cm

Help Our Earth

L. Connett

Mixed Media, 29cm x 42cm

Start Now

D. Davin

Pen, 29cm x 21cm

The Earth Needs us

L. Browne

Paint, 29cm x 42cm

Stop Climate Change

G. Cotgrave

Paint, 29cm x 42cm

Polar Bears

K. McDonald

Mixed Media, 29cm x 42cm


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