Hope School

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school in March.
Then you can Vote online for your favourite shortlisted piece in April. The shortlisted entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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Road over Still Water

Lexi Highton

Paint, 29cm x 21cm

Love of Reading

Kieran McCaffrey

Watercolour and collage, 29cm x 21cm

The Bridge to Portugal

George Chaffer

Paint, 29cm x 21cm


Lucas Riley

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm


Freddie Irving

Pen, 20cm x 20cm

Classic Bart

Jacob Heron

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm


Alex Blackwood

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm

The Dolphin

Laikan-Addison Currie

Pencil and pen, 29cm x 21cm

The Eiffel Tower

Lilah Evan

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm

The Flower

Toby Whelan-Young

Pen, 29cm x 21cm

Bridge of Light

Harry Omar

Paint, 29cm x 21cm

Calm River by the Bridge

Lakai Smith

Watercolour and paint, 29cm x 21cm


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