North Liverpool Academy

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school in March.
Then you can Vote online for your favourite shortlisted piece in April. The shortlisted entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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Blueberry dream cushion

Danie Abadal-Razaq

Watercolour dyes, drawing ink, 30cm x 30cm

Orange stitch cushion

Alexandra Serea

Watercolour dyes, embroidery, 30cm x 30cm

Citrus shapes

Kane Green

Watercolour, pen, 15cm x 15cm

Frutti face

Olivia Hyland

Photograph, 30cm x 42cm


Nour Al-Shamari

Photograph, 30cm x 42cm

Kiwi view

Camelia Mocanu

Watercolours, 20cm x 20cm

Monoprint studies

Arianne Amurao

Monoprint, 30cm x 42cm

Multi citrus cushion

Mera Bayou

watercolour dyes, fabric, 30cm x 30cm

Patterns in citrus cushion

Roksana Krzewinska

watercolour dyes, fabric, 30cm x 30cm

Pop fruit cushion

Olivia Cox

silkscreen, monoprint, embroidery, applique, 30cm x 30cm

Silkscreen apples cushion

Liam Moore-Williams

 Silkscreen, watercolour dyes, 30cm x 30cm

Spiral bananas cushion

Malwina Pawlak

Tie dye, silkscreen, embroidery, 30cm x 30cm

Subtle orange cushion

Noor Mustafa

Watercolour dyes, drawing inks, 30cm x 30cm

Symphony in blues cushion

Haroon Saeed

Watercolour dyes, silkscreen, 30cm x 30cm

Tomato zoom

Diamant-Junior Vaduva

Photograph, 30cm x 42cm

Abstract cushion

Megan McKay

Watercolour dyes, 30cm x 30cm


Nour Ashrimo Msaddi

Acrylic, 15cm x 15cm

Cherries and oranges cushion

Ibtesam Butt

Tie dye, silkscreen, applique, ink, 30cm x 30cm

Four corners cushion

Rehab Haddad

Applique, 30cm x 30cm

Fruit arrangement

Elisa Gerxhalija

Photograph, 30cm x 42cm

Fruit burst

Georgia Dunne

Photograph, 30cm x 42cm

Fruit cocktail

Abbie McGrath

Photograph, 30cm x 42cm

Fruit trilogy

Hana Grace Cummins

watercolours, 15cm x 15cm


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