North Liverpool Academy

To browse the artworks please click on one of the images to view a larger version, plus the title of the artwork, which student created the artwork and the medium. Once voting is open (in mid April) you can return here to select the piece of art you want to vote for.

Blue Skull

Pavishana Atputananthan

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Fruit 1

Sara Al Jabali

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

The Game

Maryam Alijoumma

Mono print / collage, 21cm, 15cm


Alicia O'Brien

Mixed Media, 21cm, 15cm


Kina Vidhianti

Mixed Media, 21cm, 15cm


Darshan Rajan

Mixed Media/Mono Print, 21cm, 15cm

Apple Pencil

Daniella Ibe

Pencil / collage, 21cm, 15cm

Shell Mono

Jay Su

Mono print, 15cm, 21cm


Jenna Tough

Mono print / collage, 21cm, 15cm

Orange Slices

Kathy Zao

Coloured Pencil, 21cm, 15cm

Geometric Head

Myar Bayou

Mixed Media, 21cm, 15cm

Crumpled Leaf

Owen Williams

Pencil, 10cm, 21cm


Roaa Nahshall

Coffee, 30cm, 21cm

Skull Pencil

Shannon Casey

Pencil, 21cm, 15cm


Shubhada Kolishikwar

Coffee, 42cm, 30cm


Sultanah Alghamdi

Coffee, 42cm, 30cm

Skull Drawing

Tala Monzer

Pencil/collage, 21cm, 15cm


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