Range High School

To browse the artworks please click on one of the images to view a larger version, plus the title of the artwork, which student created the artwork and the medium. Once voting is open (in mid April) you can return here to select the piece of art you want to vote for.


Eli Greer

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

A New Opening

Mia Farrell

Medium, 30cm, 50cm


Melody Huxley

Digital artwork, 20cm, 20cm

Feeling Blue

Ethan Keeble

Photograph, 29cm, 14cm

Art Skull

Aimee Thomas-Lee

Pencil on paper, 30cm, 21cm

My Desk

Emily Scott Norton

digital drawing, 27cm, 21cm

High Up in the Clouds

Molly Large

Acrylic paint on canvas, 29cm, 21cm


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