Redgate Primary School

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National Trust Fomby

Amelia Hart

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Tree on sand

Esmee Ward

Medium, 30cm, 50cm


Ethan White

oil pastel, 23cm, 15cm


Nadia Faulkes

oil pastel, 21cm, 15cm

The Road

Lucas Maddocks

oil pastel, 21cm, 15cm

Blue sky

Lucy Grey

oil pastel, 21cm, 15cm

The Landscape

Owen Welsh

oil pastel, 23cm, 17cm

Formby Pinewoods

Evie Jessop

oil pastel, 22cm, 15cm

Formby Dunes

Rosie Wittenberg

oil pastel, 22cm, 17cm

Through The Trees

Emma Robinson

oil pastel, 20cm, 14cm

Road Through the woods

Lucca Millhouse

oil pastel, 21cm, 15cm


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