Roby Park Primary School

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school in March.
Then you can Vote online for your favourite shortlisted piece in April. The shortlisted entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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School Champion

Donut 2

Tilly Smith

Water colour, 15cm x 14cm

Parrott 1

Miley Clements

Water colour, 19cm x 9cm

Desert 2

Liam Mooney McDermott

Water colour, 16cm x 22cm

Avocado 2

Isabella Cringle

Water colour, 16cm x 10cm

Parrot 2

Caitlin Carroll

Water colour, 14cm x 9cm

Desert 1

Freya Wells

Water colour, 18cm x 22cm

Donut 1

Selphie Lyon

Water colour, 16cm x 12cm

Avocado 1

Jamie Hunter

Water colour, 15cm x 8cm


Frankie Allport

Water colour, 29cm x 21cm


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