St Bede's Catholic Junior School

To browse the artworks please click on one of the images to view a larger version, plus the title of the artwork, which student created the artwork and the medium. Once voting is open (in mid April) you can return here to select the piece of art you want to vote for.

Mad Musical Journey

Orly Thompson

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Eye in the Sky

Cullen Kelly

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

I need some space

Daisy-Mae Duffy

Pencil, coloured pencil, gel pen and paint, 30cm, 21cm

Doggy Blast Off

Lottie Bevan

Coloured Pencil, 30cm, 21cm

The Hope Under the Rainbow

Daisy Dalzell

Felt tip, 30cm, 21cm


Mia Grady

Watercolour, 30cm, 21cm

Twisted Trees

Evie Hawkins

Coloured Pencil and Charcoal, 30cm, 21cm


Kane Higginson

Pen, 30cm, 21cm


Matilda O'Keefe

Paint, 30cm, 21cm

The Fish’s Roar

Finn Rowlands

Watercolour, 30cm, 21cm


Sam Stockton

Felt tip, 30cm, 21cm

Face Place

Sophie Cawley

Pencil, 30cm, 21cm

Bubbles of Love

Poppi Higginson

Coloured Pencil, 30cm, 21cm

The 3 Moons of Imagisphere

Conor McMahon

Coloured Pencil, 30cm, 21cm

The Foot and the Eye

Robyn Metcalfe

Coloured Pencil, 30cm, 21cm


Natasha Shingler

Digital, 21cm, 21cm


Ella Britton

Felt tip and paint, 30cm, 42cm

Blood Eye

Eva Morrison

Pencil and paint, 21cm, 30cm

Alien Sunset

Halle Kelly

Felt tip, chalk and pencil, 42cm, 30cm

Rainbow Eyes

Brooke Knibb

Coloured pencil and felt tip, 30cm, 21cm

Long Elephants

Ruby Jones

Paint, 21cm, 30cm

Planets in Lockdown

Jessica Lomax

Pencil and felt tip, 21cm, 30cm


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