St Hilda's CE High School

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school.
The online Vote for your favourite shortlisted piece is open 1st April - 1st May 2022. The entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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Charlie Button

Block paints and graphite, 35cm x 51cm

Me and The Roses

Kotryna Kazlauskaite

block paints, 41cm x 29cm


Alyssa Cole

Coloured pencil and graphite, 20cm x 30cm

The Future We Face

Frankie Middleton Riley

Graphite, 23cm x 41cm

See The Future

Shahira Mia

Block Paints, 29cm x 41cm

John Brodie

Michael Huang

Graphite, 41cm x 29cm


Zaynab Jalil

Graphite, 24cm x 33cm


Nina Miao

Graphite, 20cm x 20cm


Katy Love

Block paints, 40cm x 30cm


Benjamin Brannigan

Block paints and sharpies, 41cm x 60cm

Mr. Attenborough

Conn Mc Donnell

Graphite, 29cm x 27cm


Ethan Mc Clusky

Graphite, 29cm x 41cm


Sam Fate

block paints, 30cm x 20cm

Kingdom of Plants

Izzy Strevens

Graphite, 20cm x 30cm

David Attenborough

Grace Rowan

Graphite, 20cm x 30cm

David Attenborough 2

Amy Palin

Graphite, 20cm x 20cm

David Attenborough 3

Nancy Roberts

Water Colour, 30cm x 20cm

Air and Water

Portia Dwerryhouse

Graphite, 30cm x 20cm

Climate Change is Happening!

Eli Renshaw

Paint and collage, 30cm x 20cm

Greta 2

Elsie Aldridge

Graphite and Water colour, 30cm x 20cm


Celeste Stafford Hughes

Water Colour, 20cm x 30cm

Uncle John

William Clark

Graphite, 20cm x 30cm


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