St Hilda's CE High School

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school in March.
Then you can Vote online for your favourite shortlisted piece in April. The entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
Click on any image for a larger version.


Charlie Button

Block paints and graphite, 35cm x 51cm

Me and The Roses

Kotryna Kazlauskaite

block paints, 41cm x 29cm


Alyssa Cole

Coloured pencil and graphite, 20cm x 30cm

The Future We Face

Frankie Middleton Riley

Graphite, 23cm x 41cm

See The Future

Shahira Mia

Block Paints, 29cm x 41cm

John Brodie

Michael Huang

Graphite, 41cm x 29cm


Zaynab Jalil

Graphite, 24cm x 33cm


Nina Miao

Graphite, 20cm x 20cm


Katy Love

Block paints, 40cm x 30cm


Benjamin Brannigan

Block paints and sharpies, 41cm x 60cm

Mr. Attenborough

Conn Mc Donnell

Graphite, 29cm x 27cm


Ethan Mc Clusky

Graphite, 29cm x 41cm


Sam Fate

block paints, 30cm x 20cm

Kingdom of Plants

Izzy Strevens

Graphite, 20cm x 30cm

David Attenborough

Grace Rowan

Graphite, 20cm x 30cm

David Attenborough 2

Amy Palin

Graphite, 20cm x 20cm

David Attenborough 3

Nancy Roberts

Water Colour, 30cm x 20cm

Air and Water

Portia Dwerryhouse

Graphite, 30cm x 20cm

Climate Change is Happening!

Eli Renshaw

Paint and collage, 30cm x 20cm

Greta 2

Elsie Aldridge

Graphite and Water colour, 30cm x 20cm


Celeste Stafford Hughes

Water Colour, 20cm x 30cm

Uncle John

William Clark

Graphite, 20cm x 30cm


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