The Hammond

Our expert selection panel selected the top three artworks from each school.
The online Vote for your favourite piece has now closed for 2021. The entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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Deconstructed Selfie 2

Gray Pattinson

Collage, 60cm x 30cm

Me, Myself & Lockdown 1

Freddie Button

Photomontage, 30cm x 45cm

Me, Myself & Lockdown 4

Evan Allport

Photography, 30cm x 24cm

Me, Myself & Lockdown

Olivia Johns

Collage, 24cm x 30cm

Portrait Psychedelic

Eleni Maxwell

Coloured pens/pencil, 30cm x 40cm

Me, Myself & Lockdown 2

Gabriella Baglio

Pencil/collage, 30cm x 21cm

Me, Myself & Lockdown 3

Carys Rowland

Photography, 30cm x 30cm

Me, Myself & Lockdown 5

Freddie Lea

Photography, 30cm x 60cm

Lavender Fields

Nicholas Ackroyd

Acrylic paint, 30cm x 40cm

Deconstructed Self Portrait 1

Amber Taylor

Collage, 60cm x 30cm

Deconstructed Selfie 3

Pearly Honeysett

Collage, 30cm x 60cm

Deconstructed Selfie 4

Alice Burke

Collage, 30cm x 60cm

Deconstructed Selfie 5

Beth Atkin

Collage, 30cm x 60cm


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