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Ice cream Melt

Kyle Larvin

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Apple Core?

Charlie Steinmann

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Kitchen Sink Cake

Estelle Smith

30cm x 42cm, Watercolour, cm, cm

Sweet dreams

Daisy Slavin

30cm x 42cm, mixed media, cm, cm

Sweet Supperino

Natalie Orme

30cm x 42cm, mixed media, cm, cm

Ice Dream

Riann Campbell

30cm x 42cm, Pastel, mixed media, cm, cm


Callum Hignett-Owen

30cm x 42cm, Watercolour, fineliner, cm, cm


Millie Eley

42cm x 60cm, mixed media, cm, cm


Lewis Whitehead

30cm x 42cm, mixed media, cm, cm

King of the Jungle

Keira Clarke

21cm x 30cm, mixed media, cm, cm

As grey as the Moon

Megan Potts

30cm x 42cm, mixed media, cm, cm


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