The Heath School

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Crimson Owl

Rea Eden-Franklin

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Colour Splash

Alisha Buckley

Medium, 30cm, 50cm


Charlotte Eley

photography, 21cm, 30cm


Leah Montadon

Color pencil, water colour, 30cm, 42cm


Rachel Hoyle

photography, 21cm, 30cm

The Enchanted Forest

Tayla Mulhearn

Acrylic on board, 25cm, 30cm

Structure Pattern

Billy Randles

Acrylic paint, 21cm, 30cm

The Gamer

Bradley Jones

watercolour, 15cm, 21cm

Sunset Safari

Student Name

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Blue Moon

Ethan Murphy

Acrylic paint, 21cm, 30cm

Winter Day

Ethan Tomlinson

pen, 21cm, 30cm

Power Puff Girls

Evie Rogers

Felt pen, 30cm, 30cm

The rose of Death

Louise Lorenz

 pen, 17cm, 22cm

Into the Rabbit Hole…

Lydia Steele

pencil, 15cm, 21cm

House of the Past

Megan Voce

Pencil, acrylic, 21cm, 30cm

Zombie Girl

Mia Lloyd-Bell

Felt pen, 21cm, 30cm

Taking Flight

Oscar Nolan

Watercolour, pen, 21cm, 30cm

Crimson Huntress

Rhys McLoughlin

Marker pen, 21cm, 30cm

A World of Craziness

Teighan Simpson

Acrylic paint, 42cm, 60cm

Dark Stair

Ellie Cresswell

photography, 21cm, 30cm

The Girl with the Unknown Face

Jayme Chadwick

photography, 21cm, 30cm

Light Lines

Neva Jones

photography, 21cm, 30cm

Just Water

Poppy Carruthers

photography, 21cm, 30cm

Wood Grain

Rebecca Carney

photography, 21cm, 30cm


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