The Oldershaw School

Our expert judging panel select the top three artworks from each school in March.
Then you can Vote online for your favourite shortlisted piece in April. The shortlisted entry from each school with the most votes wins a place in the public exhibition in June.
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Colourful landscape

Daisy Jones

Acrylic Paint, 37cm x 50cm

New York Skyline

Harry Beckett-Jones

Acrylic Paint, 20cm x 36cm

Trees with water

Emma Coates

Acrylic Paint, 30cm x 21cm

King Cobra

Molly Dixon

Acrylic Paint, 50cm x 36cm

Love to all

Khaled Shaker

Acrylic Paint, 36cm x 50cm

Eminem, 2001

Neive Doyle

Acrylic Paint, 50cm x 36cm

Tree of colour

Lola Rossley

Acrylic Paint, 36cm x 33cm

Uncovered Identity

Macey Monaghan

Mixed Media, 50cm x 36cm


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