The Sutton Academy

To browse the artworks please click on one of the images to view a larger version, plus the title of the artwork, which student created the artwork and the medium. Once voting is open (in mid April) you can return here to select the piece of art you want to vote for.

The Same

Katie Garner

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Until we meet again

Sian Burns

Medium, 30cm, 50cm


Ella Cayir

Watercolour, accetate, 19cm, 7cm

Lockdown life 2

Lauren Naylor

Biro Pen, 42cm, 30cm

Lockdown life 1

Sophie Dickinson

Biro pen and watercolour, 42cm, 30cm

Is it over yet?

Scarlett Mansfield

Pencil, 25cm, 25cm

Banksy Who?

Nathan Young

Colour pencil, 7cm, 16cm

Who am I?

Paige Greenall

Digital, 18cm, 18cm

Nurture V Nature

Lily Moss

Mixed media, 30cm, 18cm

Do you miss the beat?

Louis Hunt

Spray Paint and Acrylic paint, 42cm, 30cm


Maisie Green

Colour pencil and watercolour, 42cm, 30cm

Autumn Walk

Jessica Edwards

Watercolour, 42cm, 30cm


Jessica Alston

Watercolour, white colour pencil, 30cm, 42cm

Stay Safe

Jasmine Trim

Biro pen, 42cm, 30cm


Bliss Reilly

Watercolour, oil pastel, 16cm, 16cm

Woman’s best friend

Kacey Langton

Oil Pastel nad Charcoal and 6B Pencil, 30cm, 22cm


Ines Marcel

Water colours, 30cm, 42cm

Steam Punk

Aliciandria Anders

Collage, coffee and finer liner, 30cm, 42cm

The Virus

Barbara lazalo

Pencil, 42cm, 30cm


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