Woodlands Primary

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A crown of emeralds

Bethany Nixon

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Crown princess

Kaitlyn Hanson

Medium, 30cm, 50cm

Crown of gold

Ashleigh Evans

Gold and silver pens, 28cm, 42cm

The Golden Queen

Amelie Plage

Oil pastels, 28cm, 42cm

Princess in a tower

Harriett Doherty

Oil pastels, 28cm, 42cm

The green eyed king

Finley Lancaster

Oil pastels, 28cm, 42cm

King beard

Alfie Jones

Oil pastels, 28cm, 42cm

Magic magi

Joseph Storey

Oil pastels, 28cm, 42cm

The orange king

Alex Whatling

Pen, 28cm, 42cm


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