Before you begin submitting work it’s best to have all the details ready as well as the image files.
You will need to know: full name of student, title of artwork, artwork media and dimensions in cm’s. Files should be jpegs

Add a Students artwork below

Current Artworks Uploaded
1. Artwork Title - Kellys Fun Student Name - Kelly
2. Artwork Title - Artwork Fun 1 Student Name - Shaun
3. Artwork Title - Artwork 3 Student Name - Shaun3
4. Artwork Title - Artwork 2 Student Name - Shaun 2
5. Artwork Title - Artwork 1 Student Name - Shaun
6. Artwork Title - Holly Student Name - Neil Kenny
7. Artwork Title - Frost Student Name - Maisie Frost
8. Artwork Title - Big wheel Student Name - Finlay Jones
9. Artwork Title - Shauns Workssss Student Name - Shauns
10. Artwork Title - 2021 Test School Artwork Student Name - Shaun Hearnden
Type the student name as you wish it to be seen in the virtual art gallery.
Name of the art work. Character limit of 30.
County to add image to.
The year group to choose.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Allowed file format; .jpg


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